Monday, October 20, 2008

MoFo 20: Moonshine Monday III

What a difference a week makes! Look how gorgeous the cranberry liqueur is after sitting for only seven days. You can see the sugar is completely dissolved and the vodka is really taking on the color (and flavor) of the cranberries.

Assuming you've followed the initial instructions and it's been one month since you started your liqueur, it's time to strain out the solids. Now, just to be clear, it's only been one week since I posted the original instructions, but you're going to want to allow your cranberry liqueur to sit for one month (shaking 2-3 times per week) before you proceed with the following steps.

Strain your liqueur through a fine mesh strainer into a clean container. Squeeze as much of the liquid as you can out of the cranberries and toss them when you are done.

Next, you're going to strain the liqueur again, this time through a couple layers of cheese cloth laid in the fine mesh strainer. Either strain it into a new, clean jar, or wash your original jar with extra hot soapy water before adding liqueur to it again.

Once the liqueur has fully drained into the jar, top it with a fresh layer of plastic wrap before putting the lid back on and labeling it with the new dates and info. Now the liqueur will need to sit, untouched, for another month.

Next Monday, I'll explain how to rack your liqueur into its final bottle for either gift-giving or consumption.

Isn't this fun?

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Jeni Treehugger said...

Damn! Now I have to make some of this.
I'm guessing this would work with other Berries too....I'll have to see what's available at the market.