Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blueberry Crisp with Awesomesauce

Though I'm not making any admissions, I can report with confidence that Blueberry Crisp smothered in leftover Blueberry Sauce mixed with Macadamia Crème does not suck.


I have no pictures to offer you.

This never happened.  

I was never here.


jessy said...

omg - i just got all jealousface! that awesomesauce sounds GLORIOUS! and just when ya thought blueberry crisp couldn't get any better... dayyyyyyyyyum!

(i so need to try this - but with the ridiculous amounts of blackberries i'm pulling in!)

BitterSweet said...

Damn, now where's a local u-pick with ripe blueberries when you need it...?!