Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Night Dinner ... er ... Dessert

Though I made dinner tonight, all my cooking efforts really went into the dessert so that's what I'm offering up for tonight's Sunday Night Dinner post. By the time dinnertime rolled around, I was tired of standing in the kitchen and ended up making a simple pasta salad with fresh veggies dressed with my favorite Oil-Free Vinaigrette. Yum!

Dinner was an odd mix of two virgin recipes fresh from the recesses of my artistic mind. I didn't intend to serve or eat them together, but that's just how it worked out.

First I baked a Carrot Parsnip Pie, which actually smelled and tasted great. The texture, however, was strange and I need to work on the recipe a bit and play with the veg preparation.

While the pie was in the oven, I improved an Avocado Ice Cream recipe. This time, the texture was great (very creamy!) but the flavor was off. The avocado was lovely but it tasted strongly of soy and that's not what I was going for.

So ... I followed my inspiration and created two new recipes. They both need work, but I had fun and if I can work out the kinks, they both have the potential to be truly original and downright kick-ass. On their own. Not together. Ever again.

Hope you had a great weekend!


jessy said...

that's so cool that you created 2 new recipes! it's all about trial & error - and tweaking & adjusting. i need to start brainstorming for some new recipes myself! any tips?! do you just think of some flavorful combinations - or stuff you'd love to try out but haven't yet? :)

now i'm interested in seeing the final outcome with both of these new yummies! they look great! and sound awesome, too!

Marni said...

I guess my approach to creating recipes is multi-pronged. I group items together in categories in my mind ... like "root veggies." Then I think, sweet potato pie rocks, so why not sweet carrot and parsnip pie? Other times I see a traditional recipe and try to come up with a creative way to veganize and embellish it. Most of the time it works to a certain extent. Often my ideas need further tinkering and sometimes they are awesome out of the gate. It all depends.

But each time I do it, I learn something new and I get better and better at knowing what's going to work and what's not before I actually try cooking anything.

I love to play with food. :) I believe anyone passionate about food can come up with killer recipes if they just allow themselves to have fun and experiment.

Erin said...

It's such a good feeling to tweak an original recipe to the perfection that's in your head. Good luck with these!