Monday, June 23, 2008

Life's Basics Plant Protein Powder

A couple weeks ago, I walked into my local health-food store and asked the vitamin department dude if they had any vegan protein powders or meal replacement type things in stock.  Although it doesn't look like it from my blog, I tend to simplify my eating a lot during the summer months and I was interested in a base for delicious and easy fruit smoothies.

Vitamin Department Dude got all kinds of excited and promptly pulled a canister of LifeTime's Life's Basics Plant Protein powder off the shelf.  He explained that he had just returned from some big Vitamin Department Dude and Dudette convention where they all got to taste this fantabulous new product.  

After a quick sales pitch, I purchased it and was on my merry way.  Here's the product description from the website:

LifeTime® is pleased to introduce an exciting advancement in protein powder supplementation: Life’s Basics® Plant Protein! With its unique complete protein profile, Life’s Basics® Plant Protein is an easy-to-digest, energy-boosting protein source for vegetarians, athletes, or anyone seeking a superior-quality protein source they can use every day*. Rich in omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Life’s Basics® Plant Protein features the following groundbreaking vegetarian protein profile:*

• Pea Protein Isolate - Brimming with vital biological value and balanced nutrition, pea protein isolate is highly regarded for its ease of absorption. Pea protein isolate is also well-utilized by the body and is not deposited as fat. Packed with amino acids, pea protein isolate may offer benefits for healthy weight management and peak athletic performance.*

• Rice Protein Concentrate - This complex carbohydrate delivers a broad profile of amino acids, in addition to naturally possessing essential nutrients like thiamin, iron, phosphorus and potassium. Life’s Basics® Plant Protein stays true to nature, using only the most sophisticated, cutting-edge methods to extract its high-quality rice protein concentrate.*

• Organic Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein - A balanced, complete source of vegan protein containing all 10 essential amino acids, hemp has achieved “whole body superfood” status for its far-reaching health-promoting properties. Hemp’s soluble fiber may help to promote healthy digestion, while its essential fatty acids have been shown to help support overall well-being.*

• Chia Powder - This exciting superfood was a staple for Incan, Mayan and Aztec cultures for it endurance-boosting and medicinal properties. Today, health-conscious masses have rediscovered chia’s power to support peak vitality! Chia’s soluble fiber absorbs more than 12 times its weight in water, which may help to promote a feeling of fullness, prolong hydration, and enhance endurance – perfect for anyone on a healthy weight management and exercise regimen.*

Does not contain yeast, corn, soy, gluten, wheat, milk, egg, whey or any artificial ingredients or preservatives.

I've since tried this product several different ways (mixed with juice, nut milk, water, with and without fruit, etc.) and I'm sorry to say ... blech!  I think part of the problem is that it contains xylitol, which is a sugar alcohol and in my opinion, an unfortunate and ill-advised addition to a vegan "health" product.  It has a very distinct fake sweet taste and to be perfectly honest, I'd much rather sweeten this type of thing myself with dates, agave nectar, or just some fresh fruit so I could do without the stevia, too.

No matter how I try to consume this stuff, I can't stand it.  Bummer.  I had such high hopes.  I guess for now I'll just stick with regular ol' fruit and fruit juice smoothies.

In all fairness, however, The Husband really likes it.  Good thing.  At least we didn't completely waste our money on it.


Tony said...

Hi, I just read your blog about the protein powder, and I just bought it myself. I was wondering if there were any protein powders you do recommend?

Mac Coinneach said...

I personally use nutribody protein and have found it to be of the utmost quality. However, it is pricey :-(. BUT...if I were to recommend a truly vegan protein powder it would have to be nutribody. There is another that I would recommend called SunWarrior. They too are high quality and pricey. Like the saying goes, 'you get what you pay for'. I have tried to find cheaper vegan protein powders and haven't found any that compare to nutribody and sunwarrior yet. If anyone has, PLEASE let me know!

health said...

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