Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Goode Family

So there's a new tv show coming to ABC in a few months called The Goode Family.  Here's a show summary from a post on Crave Online:

The Goode Family - Set to premiere in November on ABC, this new Mike Judge creation centers on an obsessively "green" family who live an over-the-top politically correct lifestyle. Vegan eating, hybrid-driving, and recycling are par for the course for the Goodes, but the kids and dog the aren't exactly enthusiastic about their way of life. Daughter Bliss often disagrees with her parents viewpoints and pokes holes in their tree-hugging worldviews, while the dog, who is by force also a vegan, craves meat and tries to eat the other neighborhood pets. At a time when the world seems to be returning the ass-kicking we've been giving it since the birth of the industrial revolution, a new Judge show poking fun at the green migration is sure to hit the spot.

You can watch a short promo video for the show here.  I laughed out loud watching it, despite myself.

I love Mike Judge and I love poking fun ... even at myself and my lifestyle choices.  So I'm optimistic with a dash of healthy dubiousness.  

Fingers crossed.


jessy said...

ahahahaha! i look forward to this! it looks like it's got some awesome potential! :D

Marni said...

I agree. I really want to like it. :)