Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Solstice Brunch Menu

The menu for my upcoming Winter Solstice Brunch:
  1. Sweet Potato Waffles with Maple Cream
  2. Mac n' "Cheese"
  3. Baked Apples
  4. Toasted Brown Rice Tea
  5. Winter Solstice Cocktail
I'm starting the prep work today with the intention to make the waffles ahead of time and freeze them.  That way, the morning of the brunch I can just pull them from the freezer and toast them up.  We actually think homemade waffles taste better this way, so it should work beautifully.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Sounds FAB!!!

Alison said...

what mac and cheese recipe are you using? I recently made some that not only smelled like feet, but tasted like it, too! I know there has to be a recipe out there that doesn't taste terrible.

By the way, the menu sounds delicious!

allularpunk said...

it all sounds wonderful!

Marni said...

Jeni: Thanks!

Alison: Oh no! Mac n' Feet? That's no bueno. Maybe even not vegan. LOL I'm using the Mac n' Cheese recipe that was published in VegNews a while back. It's the best I've tasted. I think it tastes even better than traditional recipes. I added a recipe link to my original post and it can also be found here: http://vegnews.com/web/articles/page.do?pageId=40&catId=10 You should give it a try! :)

Allularpunk: Thank you! :)

jessy said...

this all sounds so tasty, Marni! i wish i were joining you! :D

Alison said...

ooh, thank you, I will give that recipe a try. It looks really good! I think what I didn't like most about the recipe I tried is that it had nutritional yeast flakes (hence the feet smell) and I know as a vegan I should treasure yeast flakes, but I really dislike them.