Monday, December 15, 2008

The New Theme: Holiday Planning and Preparation

Seems like every year I get caught up in the holiday whirlwind.  Before I know it I'm running around like a rabid tasmanian devil and my husband is shielding our son and throwing martinis and anxiety meds at me.  This year, I vow it will be different.

The idea for this theme began worming its way through my head in October when I took on the month-long theme of "Putting Food By."  Throughout VeganMoFo I touted my own food preservation skills and now I plan to put those skills to good use.  My goal is to ensure the holidays are as stressless as possible by planning the menus, organizing myself, and preparing as much as I can ahead of time.  So everyday, or thereabout, between now and December 25 I'll be doing something to make my life easier for the following three events:
  1. A bake-a-thon and cookie decorating party on December 20
  2. A winter solstice brunch on December 21
  3. Christmas dinner on December 25
Hopefully, this will afford me some time to do the other things I like doing every year, like crafting new ornaments for the tree, sending off some homemade cheer to long-distance friends, watching A Christmas Story several times, and actually sitting down to enjoy myself and my family.

The prep work starts tomorrow.  Holidays, I pwn you!

Graphic from Anne Taintor


jessy said...

i love that you're planning ahead like this, Marni! it's too smart! the holidays get me pretty anxious as well - maybe i need to sit down and figure out a plan! i think i'll do that later this evening, actually. my silly ass always forgets that one can put food by! why i forget, i dunno. argh! maybe i should make a note and post it on the fridge! ahahaha!

i look forward to reading up on all the awesomeness you're prepping! i hope everything is a tasty success, and i hope that you get lots of time to relax and really enjoy the holidays with your family this year! wahooooo!

jessy said...

p.s. - i also look forward to watching A Christmas Story a bunch of times. i love, love, LOVE that movie! it never gets old! squeeeeeeeeeee!