Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Mouse Has Left the House

A couple weeks ago, I pulled a bag of cornmeal out of our pantry and it started spilling all over my feet.  I flipped it over to find three wee chew marks threw the plastic packaging along with a collection of mouse ... um ... "evidence" on the shelf where the bag had been sitting.


A few hours later, I found a gnawed avocado on our counter.  The little bugger spit out the rind and went to town on the avocado flesh!  I had no idea mice ate avocado.

Well, eating cornmeal is one thing but helping yourself to one of our last homegrown avocados for this season is altogether different.  So, I called The Husband and asked him to pick up a couple humane mouse traps on the way home from work.  He did just that and we set them up later that night.

Since then, both The Husband and I have seen our little houseguest several times - scuttling across the kitchen floor - winging his way along the wall in the dining room - hopping around my cookbooks. 

Every morning we'd check the mouse traps and every morning ... nada.

Though I adore animals and didn't want to hurt or kill our unexpected guest, having a mouse in the house is just plain gross.  I couldn't help but envision him eating and pooping his way through my pantry.  I tried to secure any and all available food, but he just kept finding other things to eat that I hadn't thought about.

I was beginning to think we'd never be rid of the little guy when the most amazing thing happened.

Late one evening, he emerged and clickitty-clacked his little mousy feet across our living room floor.  He then headed straight for the open front door and slipped out beneath the screen.


We haven't seen evidence of him since.

So, I originally thought I'd be able to report about the effectiveness of the humane mouse traps we purchased, but unfortunately I can't.  They sat there, completely ineffective, nearly two full weeks.  Nonetheless, we're rid of our mouse thanks to sheer, dumb luck.

If anyone has had any luck with a humane mouse trap, I'd like hear about it.  Maybe we just bought a crappy design?  (Ours were "Tip Traps.")

Anyway, problem solved.  Humanely.  Yay!


Bex said...

we used humane traps to catch mousy guests. We found where they were coming in, plugged up the holes trapping one adult and one baby in the apartment. We put peanut butter in the base of the trap, they couldn't resist.

jessy said...

we have yet to have any visitors in our house (well, at least ones that we know of) - but if/when we do we'll use the humane traps and i'll report back. i love animals, too - but i'm with you Marni - havig a mouse eat your food & poop in your pantry is just not fun @ all. that's just too funny that he just kinda let himself out after he was done! ahahhahahaha! what a little jerk! tee hee!

allularpunk said... cute as mice are, i wouldn't want one in my kitchen either! glad you were able to luck your way out of the problem :) i've never had a mouse in my house, so no humane traps happening here.