Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MoFo 22: Freezing Cookie Dough

As promised, yesterday's oven-dried apples went into a fresh batch of cookies today. Also along for the ride were some dried cranberries. They all came together to make Oatmeal Cran-Apple Cookies.

The recipe I used, which I adapted from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, made plenty of cookie dough. I baked the first dozen, and froze the rest of the dough.

Just about any cookie dough can be frozen for later use. Most people roll their dough into a tube shape, wrap it in wax paper, and freeze it that way. This time, I thought I'd try something different. My idea was the maximize my time today in order to save time later. So, I spooned the dough onto a half-sheet lined with wax paper, and froze what basically amounted to two dozen cookie-sized, bake-ready, balls of dough.

Tomorrow morning, I plan to gather my little frozen balls of cookie dough up and store them together in a freezer bag. I've never tried to freeze cookie dough this way, but theoretically, it should work. Either way, I'll post my results when I find out.

Speaking of freezers, The Vegan Foodie has tagged me to show the contents of my freezer. Eek! Hopefully, I'll get to that tomorrow.  


allularpunk said...

i cannot WAIT to see the contents of your freezer, food storage queen.

jessy said...

Marni - i learn something almost every day from you! you're the best!

freezing cookie dough = brilliant. and yet another thing i would have never thought of. next time i make cookies i'm totally going to double the dough and freeze half! let us know how the individual balls of yumminess turn out - i am sure they'll be awesome! the cranberry-apple oatmeal cookies you made look perfect for fall - and tasty as hell. i need to get that cookbook, fo 'sho!

oh - and i need to tell you that it's official: i'm addicted to balsamic syrup. i just finished making more and i found myself drizzling it on leftover mac 'n cheeze and delicata squash! ahahahahahaa! that stuff is like crack! mmmmmm!

your freezer has got to be full of awesome. i can't wait to see it! wahoooo!