Thursday, October 23, 2008

MoFo 23: Freezing Cookie Dough, Part II and The Freezer Meme

Frozen Cookie Dough
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My little gobs of cookie dough froze up beautifully overnight and this morning, I slipped them (still on a sheet of wax paper) inside a vacuum-seal bag and sealed them up for long-term storage. Now I have two separate bags, each with one dozen cookies inside, in the freezer and ready to thaw and bake whenever the mood strikes.

Foodsaver ... $ 130.00
Cookie ingredients ... $ 3.00
Having fresh baked homemade cookies whenever I want ... priceless (of-course!)

And now on to the freezer meme that The Vegan Foodie tagged me with yesterday. This was a pretty fun meme and I'm enjoying seeing how others organize their freezers and what sorts of goodies lay within. I'm afraid with all this talk of food preservation, seeing the contents of my freezer may be a little anticlimactic, but I was tagged and thems the rules, so here goes...

Freezer 1
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The top shelf of our freezer:  homemade veggie stock on two bottles of vodka.  Priorities, my pretties.  It's all about priorities.  :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Freezer 4
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The middle shelves in my freezer house baked goods: vacuum-packed whole grain dinner rolls and vacuum-packed pita bread (I love my Foodsaver!) along with Phyllo dough. On the shelf below is the frozen and vacuum-packed cookie dough from this morning.

Freezer 2
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The bottom baskets of my freezer: top basket contains assorted veggies, Boca burgers, and Amy's vegan burgers - bottom basket contains all manner of chopped fruit for smoothies and liqueurs and other fruity fun.

Freezer 3
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Bottom three door shelves: on the bottom lives baking supplies - whole wheat pastry flour and chocolate chips, above that is the tater zone - fries, tots, whatever we've got on hand, and above that is The Boy's shelf which houses his popsicles and juice boxes.

Freezer 5
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Top two door shelves: Coffee shelf and above that is some miscellany - pine nuts, OJ concentrate for baking and cooking, homemade veggie burgers, and chopped cilantro.

That's it! If I had a bigger freezer, or a separate unit in my garage, I'm sure I'd have a lot more stuff.  I won't tag anyone in particular.  If the idea of showing your frigid nibbles to the world sounds like fun, consider yourself tagged.  :)


tofufreak said...

cookie dough! perfect for eating cold :D haha.

trade you freezers! yours is stocked with better foods than mine :D


What a clean looking freezer.

allularpunk said...

that is not anticlimactic. it's so organized! and every freezer needs to have a couple bottles of booze, friend.

Erin said...

Your freezer looks great, and that's a cool idea for storing the cookie dough! I'd probably eat some frozen straight from the package too.

jessy said...

that's it, Marni - i'm moving in. omg - you have the most super stellar freezer of awesomeness EVER! damn, girl! :) i may think about investing in one of those foodsavers - it sounds awesome! and hooray for the balls o' cookie dough. i would have such a hard time not eating every single on of those. mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Virginia said...

yay for having fresh cookies whenever you want by freezing the dough in advance! i do that with muffins but i have never done it with cookies bc the dough never lasts long enough to freeze....=)