Friday, September 5, 2008

"Individual Pizza" Cakes

A friend of mine just threw a combo birthday party for her two boys and asked me to make the cake for the party. It was a pizza party, so when I suggested I make pizza cakes she loved the idea. So each boy got their own little individual pizza cake.

Aren't they adorable?

The "pizza dough" is vegan chocolate / vanilla swirl cake baked in 8" round pans.

The "pizza sauce" is vegan buttercream icing colored red.

The "cheese" is grated candy.

"Pizza" Cake
Originally uploaded by Marni Molina
The "herbs" are pieces of desiccated coconut colored green.

The "tomatoes" are sliced vegan cherry candies.

The "peppers" are vegan green apple licorice sticks snipped with scissors.

Then, we went to a local pizza shop and bought two small pizza boxes from them, which made for a great presentation.

Fantastic! And I think they were a big hit. :)

In addition to the pizza cakes, I made cupcakes for the guests. Pics of those will be posted soon.


jessy said...

holy shi*t, Marni! this has to be the most creative, fantastically glorious thing i've ever seen! i just shoved the laptop in dan's face and shouted, "holy batman - look what Marni made!". that's freak'n impressive as hell, girl!

this calls for a superdoublew00t!


Marni said...

LOL Thanks, Jessy! :) You're so fun. This totally wasn't my idea. I saw a pizza cake in a creative cakes book I own. My challenge was figuring out how to make it vegan and coming up with different toppings. It was a really fun project.

dreaminitvegan said...

This just blows me away!

Marni said...

Thank you! They were so fun to make and much easier than they look. :)