Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Declaration of Compassion

  • WHO:  Kathy Stevens and the Catskill Animal Sanctuary
  • WHAT:  The Declaration of Compassion (a petition declaring our independence against industrialized farming and animal-based agribusiness)
  • WHEN:  Now through July 4, 2008
  • THE GOAL:  100,000 signatures by July 4, 2008 
  • WHY:  Stevens says, “Global warming is challenging all of us to radically and immediately alter our behavior. Since agribusiness is the #1 culprit in everything from the melting of the Polar ice caps to the extinction of animal and plant species to water shortages, we must all alter our diets if we want this beautiful planet to be here for our children and grandchildren.”  (quote from this post on
  • HOW:  click here
Excerpted from the Catskill Animal Sanctuary website:

Russell Simmons, Kristen Wigg, Moby, and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Zana Briski are among the glitteraties who'll be putting their John Hancock on a new Declaration of Independence this summer. And indeed the Declaration, officially titled The Declaration of Compassion for the Planet and its Inhabitants, does declare its signers' independence: not from England, but from agribusiness.

Modeled in both form and tone after the Declaration of Independence, The Declaration of Compassion will be unveiled in a ceremony at the 7th annual Catskill Animal Sanctuary Shindig on Saturday, June 28.


An on-line petition enables supporters to sign remotely. In its first hour on-line, people from 14 states and 8 countries signed the document.

The Declaration of Compassion for the Planet and Its Inhabitants was written by Catskill Animal Sanctuary, a Saugerties, New York haven for cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys and other farm animals —twelve species in total—considered little more than food by much of the world. Its goal? 100,000 signatures and “a whole lot more understanding of what agribusiness is doing to our planet,” according to Kathy Stevens, CAS director.

CAS also hopes to also underscore the positive impact of a diet free of animal products.

"Global warming is challenging all of us to radically and immediately alter our behavior," explains Sanctuary director Kathy Stevens. "We invite everyone to learn about agribusiness and its consequences to animals, humans, and our fragile planet, and to sign The Declaration.
To view and sign The Declaration of Compassion, please
click here.

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jessy said...

thanks for the heads up, Marni! i just signed it and i'm gonna let my family + friends know, too!