Monday, March 31, 2008

WaterCourse Foods in Denver, CO

I just returned from a long weekend in Denver, CO. While I was there I had the opportunity to dine at WaterCourse Foods, a fantastic vegetarian restaurant.

I've got be honest, since transitioning to a vegan way of living, I've only been out to a handful of times. There aren't a whole lot of vegetarian restaurants here in San Diego, particularly near where I live. So I was really looking forward to eating at WaterCourse.

Everything on the menu at WaterCourse is vegetarian and most of it is vegan so I had a really difficult time deciding what to eat - a new and lovely experience. Luckily, I was able to convince a friend to share dishes with me. I got half of his dinner and he got half of mine.

He ordered the Dona Lee wrap: "A warm pita stuffed with herbed encrusted seitan, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, and (vegan) ranch dressing."

I ordered the Tempeh Burger: "Best damn veggie burger anywhere. Topped with caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms and choice of BBQ, teriyaki, or blackened." I chose teriyaki.

Both dishes were wonderful but the burger was my favorite. It was insanely good. The menu didn't lie when calling it the "best damn veggie burger anywhere". I've certainly never had better. The ingredients were fresh, the atmosphere was fun, and the staff was hip, friendly, and very helpful. It was so refreshing not to have to explain myself. They definitely know what a vegan is and what we do and don't eat. The menu was very clear as to what was vegan and what wasn't.

My only complaint, and I had to strain to come up with one, was that the mixed veggies I received with my veggie burger consisted of carrots, peas, and corn. Starch, starch, and starch. Maybe it's a California thing, but mixed veggies around here typically indicates a less starchy blend. But I was hungry from travelling all day and they were still tasty. In the end, I cleared my plate.

I'll be returning to WaterCourse for sure, as I currently travel to Denver three times per year. I've heard the breakfasts there are delicious and the deserts are insane. I only wish we had something similar here in San Diego!

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