Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Savory French (Puy) Lentils with Skillet Corn Bread

Tonight's dinner was all about comfort food. I cooked Savory French (Puy) Lentils from Eat, Drink & be Vegan and Skillet Corn Bread with the Double-Corn Variation from Veganomicon. I served them together in shallow bowls with a spoon. Yum!

The lentils were good. Not great, but a good, solid recipe. I did double the recipe, so I could have lost something in the doubling, but they came out watery, and I had to add additional cook time without the lid to cook off some of the moisture. I think that made them a bit mushy. Next time I make this, I may try being more heavy-handed with the seasonings and adding something to it, like mushrooms or tempeh.

The corn bread was awesome! It was so yummy and quite easy to make. I'll definitely be making it again.

In other news, I finally got myself on the Vegan Freak Forums. My username there is Slither. Why? Well, because everything else I thought of was already taken and SLiTHER is one of my favorite horror movies. It has many anti-meat and anti-hunting lines in it and it's just plain awesome.

Anyway, I spent some time hopping around the forums today and found it a little overwhelming. There are so many people and so many threads! But, I'm glad I'm there. I think a key to my success as a vegan will be fostering a sense of community.

Anyway, that's it for tonight. I leave you with a quote from Slither...

After one of the monster slugs tries to invade his body via his mouth, Mayor MacReady spits, wipes his mouth and says, "Tried to get in my mouth. What kind of thing wants you to eat it?!"

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