Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kiwi Fruit

I tend to only write about things I cook, but one of my main motivations with regard to vegan eating is consuming lots of whole, fresh foods. I try to eat only fruit until lunch every day, though I must admit in this cold weather, I'd prefer hot oatmeal. The other day at my local market, I found these gorgeous, organic kiwis:

Kiwi facts:

  • kiwi fruit were formerly known as Chinese gooseberries
  • a single kiwi fruit contains more than a day's vitamin C requirement for an adult
  • kiwis provide only 50 calories per 3¾ ounces
  • kiwis are ripe when they yield to gentle pressure - like a pear
  • store kiwis at room temperature in a separate bowl from other fruits (enzymes from kiwis can cause surrounding fruits to ripen quickly)
  • kiwi skin is edible, but most people find the fuzzy texture icky and just eat the fruit, seeds and all
  • kiwis prevent gelatin (made from the boiled bones, skins, and tendons of dead animals) from setting and will curdle milk - they're like little vegan anarchist fruits

All hail the kiwi fruit!

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