Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hooray for apples!

Apples are quite possibly the perfect food. They travel well, they taste great, and they are quite healthy, each providing 5 grams of fiber (about 20% of the daily recommendation). They are also a healthy food my son can't seem to resist, as evidenced by the photo above. I couldn't snap more than a couple photos of that Fuji Apple before he asked to eat it.

For tasty apples, buy locally grown, organic varieties. For crisp apples, select those with a shiny skin and avoid those with bruises or punctures.

Apples will keep in a fruit bowl for a while, but for long-term storage, stash your apples in the crisper drawer of your fridge. As soon as apples are cut, they begin to oxidize (turn brown). To prevent this from happening, dip apple slices into a solution of 1 part citrus juice to three parts water.

There are over 7,000 varieties of apples. They vary in size from cherry-sized Crab Apples to giant types like Howgate Wonders and the toad-like Knobby Russet.

Some apples are good for eating and some are better for baking. This chart put together by the Washington Apple Commission is a good guide to get your started.

My favorite apple? The Fuji, of-course. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed apples to be aphrodisiacs. The Celts considered them symbols of fertility. Show yourself some love and eat an apple today.

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