Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Banana-Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

Another awesome dish from the Veganomicon! I present for your viewing pleasure, Banana-Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding:

What a fabulous way to start off Christmas day. I made this with leftover Potato Rolls and Cranberry Walnut bread. The only reason I combined them was because I didn't have enough of either to produce the 6 cups of bread cubes the recipe calls for. I also combined Enjoy Life Foods’ Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips with Sunspire's Vegan Carob Chips for the same reason -- I didn't have a full cup of either.

This bread pudding is extraordinarily decadent. It would be just as good with less chocolate and in the future, I'm going to experiment with adding various kinds of fruit, homemade liqueurs, and nuts. Bread Pudding for breakfast is a yuletide tradition for us so I'm really excited about this recipe.

Have a wonderful holiday full of belly laughs, compassionate and tasty eating, time with loved ones, and blessings of health for all.



Charlie - hope & spray said...

I made this last night. It was good, but you're right, too much chocolate! Who would think there could ever be too much chocolate, but there was. I think it'd be really good without the chocolate or bananas! Just a plain bread pudding! Next time!

Marni said...

Hi Again!

Yes too much chocolate. Weird, I know. Next time, I'll cut the chocolate in half, at least. Or maybe omit it altogether. I'd really like to try this recipe plain, too - no chocolate or bananas. I bet it would still be awesome. Bread pudding rocks the Casbah!