Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bob's Comin'!

My friend and neighbor Shirley once told me that when her husband Bob gets home from work earlier than expected, she'll dice up and onion real quick and toss in it a pan. This serves several purposes. First, it makes the house smell incredible, so when he walks in the door it smells like something good is cooking. This, in turn, gives her time to figure out what the hell she's actually going to cook.

I've come to call this the "Bob's Comin'!" technique and have used it many times over the years. So tonight, when my husband called and announced he was almost home, and I realized that I had been sucked into a time warp playing with my new Shelfari.com profile, I freaked.

But then, I remembered: Bob's Comin'!

No, my husband's name isn't Bob, but you get the idea. I began to sauté an onion and then stood in front of the fridge trying to pull my plan together. In a moment of vegan kitchen zenishness, it all came to me.

I began preheating the oven. I then grabbed some small red potatoes and chopped them up. I tossed some diced garlic in with the onion along with the potatoes. By then the oven was hot and I threw some organic tater-tots inside. Next I tended the potato, onion, and garlic until the potatoes just started getting soft. Then I poured 1 quart of organic creamy corn vegan soup and a can of organic corn kernels, drained. It was all ready about 5 minutes after hubbie got home and it was yummy!

I've been working so hard cooking and testing vegan meals from scratch, it's nice to know I can also do vegan on the fly. And although tonight's meal was totally starch-heavy, should have been served with a big salad, and kinda naughty, it was fast and good.

So next time I'm thinking about just telling the ol' hubbie to pick up take out instead of cooking, I'll remember Bob's comin' and see where my vegan guides lead me.

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