Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Resolution Roundup and My One LIttle Word

I apologize for these being overdue. Over the past few days we've had some network issues but everything seems to be back online and buzzing now.

My resolutions for this year are rather simple. Some are specific and some aren't. Often I need wiggle room with large goals. If I lock myself into a hardcore resolution on something I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by, I have the tendency to eff it up somehow. Self-saboteur? Me?

Hell yes.

On with the show...
  1. LOSE ANOTHER 50 POUNDS: Yeah, I know this one is super-specific, but since I lost 50 pounds last year I'm pretty confident I can do it again this year. Besides, I have several external motivations that'll help keep my fire lit. Like what? Well, like the fact that I'm getting my next tattoo in April, for one. From Daniel Smith! I'm so excited and yes, I'll post pics. Promise. I'm also training for the Mud Run in June and I want to beat my 2009 time. On top of that, I have wicked costuming ideas for this year's ComiCon and the more fit I feel, the more options I'll allow myself to consider. ComiCon's in July, so my external motivators will take me pretty far into the year. Plus, as I go I'm sure to come up with others.
  2. CUT BACK OR NEARLY ELIMINATE CONSUMPTION OF REFINED SUGAR: See, now here's a case where I need to be vague. I don't consume a whole lot of refined sugar. I cut most of it out when I went vegan. But I do eat and drink more than I'd like and I really want to explore other natural sweetening options.
  3. ONE SUBMISSION PER MONTH: I've had some moderate success with my writing over the past year, or so. I've won a couple contests and had a short story published here and there. Writing allows me to flex my noodle, release the bad whispers in a constructive way and genuinely feeds my soul. I'd like to continue this and up my output. I think one submission per month is reasonable, but as always I reserve the right to modify my resolutions as needed.
  4. RE-COMMIT TO MY DAILY PRACTICE: My daily spiritual practice wavered and waned pretty hardcore over the holidays. I need to recommit to it because it anchors me through my days, fills me up and allows me a daily opportunity to exercise my will.
  5. CONTINUE PURGING, ORGANIZING and REDECORATING MY HOME: This one's pretty self-explanatory. We were able to purge a lot of clutter this past year and I want to keep that momentum going. With the newfound space, I was able to organize things better and we began redecorating with the money we made from our multiple garage sales. I have no delusions that I'll finish my entire home this year, but as long as I continue to make forward progression throughout the year, I'll be happy.
That's it! I'm keeping my list short this year so I can focus more on a handful of goals rather than try to juggle too many.

My One Little Word for 2010? Will. The faculty by which people make decisions and initiate action. Yup. I want to rock my will this year.

What are your resolutions? Did you pick One Little Word for the year? What is it?


Debra said...

I know you can lose that 50 lbs. I lost 70 lbs last year.. I have 50 more to go this year also.
Debra @ Vegan Family Style

jessy said...

happy new year, Marni! i'm so glad you're back! CONGRATS on losing 50 pounds - you are absolutely amazing! wow!

i love your resolutions - all of them. :) cutting back on/cutting out refined sugar is something i need to do as well. refined sugar = crack for me, and it's gotta stop! i really truly think i'm addicted to it. once i have a little i go nuts with it. it's so bad! i'm also with ya on the purging and reorganizing. i think i might have to chose 5 things from our home to give away each month. i'm totally gonna start with that.

your one little word rocks! i love it! i think mine would be "conserve". :) my resolution this year is to waste less - and "conserve" totally seems to fit!

radioactivegan said...

good luck! and congratulations on last year's success. I'd love to run in any sort of race, but i just haven't been able to make myself train for one.

good luck with everything. 2010 - the year of accomplishments.