Friday, February 6, 2009

Resolution Roundup

I listed a hefty set of resolutions for myself and this blog at the beginning of the year.  It's my intention to check in with myself, as a way of making a run at accountability, once per month.  So, here's goes my first roundup...
  1. BETTER PHOTOS  I'm working on this one.  I think I'm getting better.  I'm more aware of the light I'm shooting my food in and I'd like to start concentrating more on diverse settings and backgrounds, as well.
  2. ORIGINAL RECIPES  Yes!  I think I'm rockin' this one.  I've posted lots of original recipes already and, as promised, have stopped regurgitating published recipes as blog fodder.
  3. QUALITY NOT QUANTITY  Awesome.  I've stopped pressuring myself to post something every day and I think my blog has improved for it.  My stress level has also decreased.  
  4. THEME WEEKS & MOONSHINE MONDAYS  I had a great theme week last month (Healthy Resolutions: January 12 - 18, 2009) and a new topic planned for February.  I need to work on being more consistent with Moonshine Monday posts, though.
  5. NUTRITIONAL INFO  I'm getting better at learning how to calculate the nutritional info for recipes and was really good about posting it during Healthy Resolutions Week.  I think I've slacked a little since then, so I need to get back to that.
  6. RECIPE CONTESTS & PUBLICATION  I've successfully entered one recipe contest and had one misfire (missed the deadline).  I'm currently working on my third attempt and I'm also talking with an editor of a website that I might have the opportunity to write for at some point in the future.
  7. A COOKBOOK  Hmmm ... work on the cookbook has stalled out.  I'll be sure to have something positive to report on this one next month.
  8. ORGANIZE MY RECIPES  This is very slow going because I have so many!  I've gathered them all to a central location and worked out an organization system.  Much progress has been made here as I tend to work on it a little almost every day.  Perhaps next time I'll show pics of how I'm organizing them all.
  9. STREAMLINE MY KITCHEN  Unfortunately, I feel like I need a bit of money for this one and we don't have much extra cash floating around right now.  I'll need to get real creative to show some progress on this goal.

  10. Steepware Mugs for Tea
    Originally uploaded by Marni Molina
     Though I haven't bought any tea yet, I have purchased a couple of really cool Steeping Mugs for myself and The Husband from The Tea Spot.  I grabbed them a few weeks ago when I saw they had gone on sale at my local market.  They're plenty big, each holding 16 ounces.  In addition, they each have a built-in basket with lots of room to hold loose tea with a lid to keep the heat in while steeping.  One of the coolest features is that the basket fits perfectly inside the lid when you're ready to drink your tea.  I can't wait to try these babies out.  
  11. WHAT'S IN SEASON  I've brought back this column.  It's on the right sidebar and I love having it there to remind me of all the great produce I can get locally grown at any given moment.

  12. My New Thyme Plant
    Originally uploaded by Marni Molina
      It's not quite time to start planting things yet, but I have been planning quite a few items I'd like to add to my garden this year.  Also, during a recent trip to a local farmer's market, I replaced my poor thyme plant.  It fell victim to a freak frost we had a couple months ago.  This is San Diego.  We don't really get frosts here.  I wasn't prepared.  Anyhow, I'm more aware of the possibility of frosts now and my new thyme plant is currently residing in my kitchen window until it's ready to venture outside.
  13. SHARE THE LOCA LIGHT  So far, I'm only brainstorming here.  I hope to have something new to report very soon.
  14. DIVERSIFY MY POSTS  I've dipped my big toe into this pool, having written recently about the wonders of water, weight-loss tips, and a brief op-ed piece on a skanky PETA commercial that (thankfully) never aired on TV.  I feel like I'm moving in the right direction with this one.
  15. DIY CULINARY SCHOOL  I've worked out how I'd like to begin this process and will be posting about my plans some time within the next month.

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