Thursday, April 3, 2008

Puppy Mills

Apparently, Oprah is doing a show on Puppy Mills tomorrow. The footage is sure to provoke visceral reactions from viewers, many of whom will then immediately dine on the flesh of dead animals for dinner.

See: Speciesism ... because feeling sad about the poor little doggies in the mills while gorging on dead chicken is certainly an extention of speciesism. Eating dogs is a socially imposed taboo. It's perfectly acceptable to mac a Fido burger in other countries. Just as in different societies the idea of eating a cow is unthinkable.

And I'm not even going to start wanking about how puppy mills are just another cog in the wheel of the comodification of animals.

I'm not sure what I'll think of tomorrow's show. I suppose anything that gets people thinking about animals rights is great. But putting it in a single-species context only serves to perpetuate the justification of the annual slaughter of more than 10 billion land animals for food (does not include fish or other aquatic creatures) every year in North America.

You read that right.

Slaughtered animals > 10 billion.

From cute puppies in breeding mills to fish in the sea to all the land animals, every animal deserves to live.

Get over yourself and go vegan.

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