Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vegan Knitters

FAIR WARNING: This post is dirty and not suitable for the easily offended, children, or small animals.

What's up with vegans and knitting? Since Just Another Snarky Navy Wife gave me my first lesson in knitting last weekend, I've been noticing lots of vegan knitters all over The Internets. Blogs, Live Journal Communities, Yahoo Groups, websites, and more - all centered around vegan knitting.

Just an observation.

When I actually knit something, I'll be sure to get it posted over at Conjure Crafts, my crafting blog. I came home from my first knitting lesson with a chunk of crazy, oh-so-begginner knit yarn (shown to the left), but nothing functional. When I showed it to my husband, he said, "What is it? A knit condom?"

Will I ever understand the way this man thinks? Perhaps it's better that I don't. What would be the point of a knit condom anyway, since condoms are meant to capture and hold captive sperm and prevent the passing of venereal ick? A knit condom wouldn't go far to do either of those. In that case, it wouldn't be a condom at all. It would be a ... cock warmer, or something along those lines. And what would the girlie equivalent be to a cock warmer? A muff muffler? A twat cozy? I hope I don't ever have to find out. I just want to make scarves and arm warmers, man!

Anyway ... on with the show.

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