Thursday, February 7, 2008

Urban Decay

Though I've been a fan of their makeup for years, I just discovered Urban Decay not only makes a whole slew of ultra-cool vegan makeup products, but they have them all organized on the same page on their website. Bitchin'!

I'm famous (infamous?) for internet shopping when my husband is away on business, so of-course I placed an order. It was a moral imperative. I was very good, though, and only purchased three items.

Reviews to follow when my new beauty schwag arrives.


Anchored Away said...

I'm quivering like a chihuahua before the biggest stash of doggie treats evah. W00t! Thanks for sharing.

If I had to guess which three items you picked, I'd have to say...

1. Heavy Metal Glitter Liner
2. Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Gel
3. Sparkler Pen for Lips (cuz there's glitter)


Marni said...

Close! But alas, no cigar. I *did* add the Heavy Metal Glitter Liner to my wish list. :) I ordered:

1. Big Fatty Limp Plumper (my tube of Lip Venom is almost gone and I don't think it's vegan)
2. Deluxe Eyeshadow in Honey
3. Flavored Body Powder in Caramel

They ALL have glitter, shimmer, or shine. I'll be the sparkly one in the corner with the plump lips ... licking herself like a kitty cat.

Mmmmm ... caramel.