Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pity. Party. All I need now is Cake.

Yeah, I know posts have been a bit week lately. The Man is out of town and The Boy and I have just been hangin' out. Did I just write that? Please, allow me to restate. The Boy has been a crazed 3-year-old and I've been trying to cope with The Man's unexpected absence (didn't find out he was leaving 'til the day before he had to leave) while trying desperately to catch up on homework. Do you know how difficult it is to read a social science journal with a perma-ampted 3-year-old going nuts over whatever bribe material I've got playing on the TV? Needless to say, I haven't been doing much cooking. Tonight I made a pot of rice with vegan bullion cubes, mixed it with chickpeas (All hail Chickpeas!), and a Boca burger. Not too bad! Unfortunately, not too original. Not too photogenic. Not even sassy.

I'll get things back on track as soon as I can. In the interim, check out this Vegan King Cake recipe for your next animal-friendly Mardi Gras celebration. Looks like quite a bit of work, but wow ... check that cake out! Also, I couldn't help but notice the link to Vegan Pan de Muertos complete with Dia de los Muertos altar pics.

Must explore this blog further! But for now, I retire on The Couch of Occasional Indulgence to numb my brain with the latest episode of Cashmere Mafia.


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