Friday, January 18, 2008


I prepared the Cholent from Veganomicon last night and it was amazing. Though I grew up eating many Jewish foods, I'd never had the "original" version of Cholent so it was a brand new experience for me. I'd liken it to a vegan Dinty Moore-ish style stew, but with less salt and a better flavor. Hubster and I both loved it. Plus, the recipe made plenty of stew, so we had lots left over for lunch today and (this is the best part) I don't have to cook dinner tonight. Sweet!

I did take food porn pics, but something's gone wonky with my driver and I can't seem to get my puter and my camera to get along. I'll look into it this weekend and if I can, I'll add the pics I took to this post at that time.

Along with the Cholent, we had a giant mixed green salad with garbanzo beans and Annie's Organic Goddess Dressing. I've heard this is a vegan fav, but this was the first I've had it.

Oh my Annie's Goddess, this dressing is good!

Now I understand why so many people talk this dressing up. Of-course, the fat and calories are ridiculous. I think I may try diluting it with water or vinegar, but I'm afraid of losing the great flavor. I could always try reverse engineering it to come up with a homemade, easier on the waistline alternative. If that's illegal, by the way, I'm totally just kidding. I would never break the law to dress my salad.

All hail Annie's Goddess!

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