Friday, January 4, 2008

Another Vegan Mail Day

Well, it was actually UPS, but I finally got the DVDs I ordered:
  1. Meet Your Meat
  2. Earthlings

I've watched Meet Your Meat online , but I wanted to show it to my husband on our big TV with the surround sound for maximum impact. Since it's so cheap, I figured ... why not?

I haven't seen Earthlings, but the other day on VeganFreak Radio I heard Bob talking about Earthlings. He called it a "Thor's Hammer" type message and said he currently considers it our best weapon. When I saw how many awards the film has won, I figured it'd be a great investment.

I did take food porn pics at dinner tonight, but I'm tired and cranky and just want to sit on the couch with some Fig Newmans in my fuzzy socks.

Until tomorrow ... peace out.

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