Monday, January 12, 2009

How to Accessorize a Glass of Water

Water with Dill
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There are many ways to infuse water with a bit of zing. When thinking about things to add to your drinking water, I find it's best to stick with those you find "fresh" and "clean" tasting.

Citrus is a perfect example. We've all had water with lemon or lime added and I personally find it to be a lovely combination. You may also want to try orange, grapefruit, and tangerine. Just slice a segment, squeeze it into your glass, and drop the whole thing in. Don't forget to wash off the rind if it's going into your water.

One of my favorite accessories for water is dill weed. It's bright, fresh, and slightly sweet flavor goes nicely with water. I especially love this combination during hot weather.

Another hot weather addition I enjoy is cucumber. Add a few thin slices to your glass with some ice cubes and give it all a gentle stir before you fill it with water. Delish. And if you're going for a spa-like indulgence, cucumber and dill are great together in water.

Minted water is a lovely treat. You may need to muddle the leaves or crush them with your fingers in order to get them to release their minty goodness into your water, but it's worth the effort and extraordinarily refreshing.

When berries are in season, they too make great water accessories. Slice up a strawberry or muddle a couple blueberries into the bottom of your glass and you're in for a treat.

Many varieties of melon are also wonderful in water. Add a small amount, like a melon-baller's worth, and muddle it with your ice. Yum!

There are lots of options available to add some razzle-dazzle to your water. Most of them are cheap and easy to get your hands on and you need only use a tiny amount to dress up your water. Remember, we're going for water with a hint of lemon, not lemonade.

Get creative and think outside the box. If you find other things to add to your water, I'd love to hear about them. 

Viva la agua!


Carla said...

I really like to add a little of the liquid from stewing rhubarb to iced water. Tart and a little sweet (if you add sugar when you stew it)and it makes everything a tinsy bit pink.

Chelsea said...

What a great idea to help us all with our resolutions! I really need to get one of those Sigg bottles, I've stopped using my plastic ones and it just doesn't seem convenient to have water at work anymore... so I'm not drinking near enough!

jessy said...

i would have never thought of any of these great 'n tasty additions to a glass of water! i may have to pick up a fun citrus fruit or something this week at the store and try it out! i'm working on my 5th glass of water today! thanks for the tip on washing the rind, too! drink up!