Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Raw Vegan Holiday Nog

Raw Vegan Holiday Nog
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I just walked by my cookbook stand to see all the recipes I had placed there to try this month and realized the month is almost over! It wouldn't really be a big deal except for the fact that I'm highly motivated to get back on the losin' weight train and have marked January 1 as my deadline. So now I'm scrambling, trying to get a few last recipes made and tried before the apple drops and I'm kissing the new year in.

This fabulous recipe for Holiday Nog is raw. It's also vegan (of-course) but it's still a little naughty. Kinda like me and I know damn well, a lot of you, too. But not as naughty as traditional nog. The recipe states it makes 4-6 servings so if you split the diff and go with 5, each serving is 4 WW points. The entire recipe produces a little over a quart of nog (about 4 1/3 cups).

I found the recipe on the VegNews website a few weeks ago and it's a good one. I have only one note to add: I personally think it tastes much better chilled. So if you want to drink it right away, use very cold water and maybe even frozen cashews (though I'm not sure if that would effect how well they grind up in the blender). Other than that, I think it's perfect in every way.  The longer you let your blender work on it, the creamier it gets. 

If you're looking for something that tastes just like traditional egg nog (blurgh), this isn't it. Better to go with the soy egg nogs that are available this time of year. But this is definitely in the nog family and the creaminess and nutmeg makes it taste very familiar. Plus it's nice not to have to turn to soy all the time and it's really delish in it's own right. I've got a big jar of it chilling in the fridge right now and plan to drink it tonight with The Husband. Maybe with some rum. Which means it won't be raw any more, but it'll definitely be even more naughty.


Hannah said...

I've only recently discovered that I love vegan eggnog, and this looks so good!

jessy said...

thanks, Marni! dan & i bought a container of the silk nog, and while it's yummy - it is a lot of soy - and that stuff's expensive! a raw & tasty alternative!?! yes please! i will give this a whirl & make sure to add the rum. ;) you should totally add some rum, too! yay!

if i don't "see" you before the new year - happy new year wishes to you!

allularpunk said...

sounds yummerific, marni! i'm sure it'll be fabulous with the rum, too. most things are. have a happy new year!