Friday, May 16, 2008

Raw Foods Week

In another blog of mine, I set a goal to eat nothing but raw foods for a full week.  I think next week may be that week.  If anyone has any tips or suggestions for me, lemme have 'em.  Otherwise, it's super hot here in San Diego and the thought of eating lots of fresh fruit and cool salads sounds awesome to me.  Even if I just end up doing that all week, I'll be stoked.  


jessy said...

raw for a week sounds awesome! dan and i have wanted to do that, too! we just need to get some more recipes going and make a big 'ol grocery list.

oh, and to help you in your rawsomeness :) - here's a link to a whole list of raw blogs:

Marni said...


Ok, bad bad bad joke. :::grin:::

Thanks for the link! I'll go check it out.