Saturday, May 10, 2008

30 Days: Animal Rights episode

If you've never watched the show, 30 Days, I suggest you give it a try.  Here's the show description from the website:
From Academy Award nominee Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) comes 30 Days, a documentary series that will explore what life changing experiences are possible in 30 days. The concept for the show stemmed from the transformation Spurlock underwent when he ate nothing but fast food for 30 days in his documentary movie Super Size Me. In this FX series, Morgan Spurlock asks the question, what would happen if people spend 30 days living in someone else’s shoes? Find out the answer as he brings you 30 life changing days in one hour focusing on topics such as minimum wage, outsourcing, religion, sexual orientation, and jail.
In fact, mark you calendars now because I just found out that the new season is set to start next month and on June 17, 2008, episode 15 is all about animal rights.  The episode description from the website says:
Avid hunter George Snedecker, of North Carolina, attempts to spend 30 days living with a vegan family in Los Angeles, while learning about animal rights causes and programs.

If you're unfamiliar with the show and want to check it out, you can watch past episodes for free on the video page of the show's website or you can buy them from iTunes.

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