Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lara Bars = Love

So, if you couldn't tell by my lack of regular posts lately, I'm a busy girl right now. School, the mom gig, my spiritual training, and everything else I've decided to funnel down my own throat right now has left me with very little time to blog, much less cook.

I've sought out vegan shortcuts and have found and fell in love with LARABARs. They are in my cabinet, my purse, my glove box, and more. They travel well and they are damn tasty! In addition, they are...
  • vegan
  • no added sugar
  • raw
  • soy free
  • dairy free
  • gluten free
  • kosher
  • unprocessed
  • non-GMO

They're so effing healthy, you're practically an enlightened being after having eaten one. Plus, they are individually wrapped and come in lots of fun flavors. My current favorite: Cocoa Molé - chile and chocolate. Hallelujerrrr!

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