Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Still <3 AWAD

At the end of each week, AWAD subscribers receive a recap of feedback on the previous week's theme. I was curious to read about the reactions to the vegan theme, holding out hope that they would inundated with readers professing their new vegan status (or at least a trend in that direction) thanks to the knowledge of the disgusting origins of a typical American diet. Not to mention the effect it has on the environment and the animals being slaughtered by the tens of thousands. Unfortunately, I was sadly disappointed.

A quote from the recap:

"From: Anu Garg (words at
Subject: Last week's theme

In 14 years of, last week was singular in the volume of angry email from readers. They were upset that we had given a platform to a veg advocate. Some sent thoughtful notes, while others made snide remarks; still others canceled their subscriptions.

Food is something so personal, such an intimate part of our lives, that any comment upon it, especially something that appears to question it, makes us wince. The discomfort displayed in those notes is understandable.

I felt similar discomfort 12 years ago and decided to go vegan after reading literature from Vegan Outreach, an organization co-founded by Matt Ball. I thank him for being a Guest Wordsmith here last week, and thank you for taking the time to write and letting us know how you feel."

So, I'm going to follow The Snarkster's lead and write and send an email of my own. I'll thank them for speaking the truth, in the spirit of education. I still don't understand the thought process that prompts people to decide it would be better to deny the truth and live an ignorant life full of ignorant choices rather than live a compassionate life and make compassionate choices.

Food fuels us - body, mind, and spirit. What fuel do you choose?

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