Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Polenta Casserole, quick n' easy

Last night's dinner was Polenta Casserole from the fabulous Eat, Drink & be Vegan: by Dreena Burton. I've made this a few times now and it is a comfort food favorite for both The Husband and me. The recipe calls for the use of an 8x12 baking dish, but I only have a 9x13. Because of this, it ends up looking a bit scant in the dish after all the ingredients are set in. To fill the extra space, this time I upped the corn to a full cup and added four crumbled Boca Burger patties. Also, to keep things simple, I used two cans of mixed salad beans instead of a couple different types of beans. To keep the seasonings balanced, I was a bit heavy-handed with all the herbs and spices.

This is a fabulous dish. We try to have it at least once a month, now. Last night, we enjoyed it while watching the Project Runway marathon on the boob tube. Fabulous!

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