Sunday, December 9, 2007


Yesterday I got the rare opportunity to shop without my 3-year-old son. Husband wanted to take the boy on an errand and actually said, "Why don't you go shopping or run some errands while we're gone?"

Oh the sweetness. Being the total bibliophile that I am (that's nerd speak for book whore), I drove straight to Barnes and Noble, fingering my Readers' Advantage card the whole way. I perused the aisles without a care, not worrying about my bored, waiting husband, or pulling out my best kung fu on my three-year-old as he dismantled the store displays. No, I just strolled and shopped. I got the latest issues of Parabola, Pentacle, and Spirituality and Health zines along with the 2008 Anne Taintor wall calendar.

But the purchase that had me skipping (well, as close as I could get to skipping in my super-cute 3" wedge boots through the rain-soaked parking lot) out the door to my car, beckoning me to thumb it at every red light, was Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook.


I've been vegan blog-hopping for several weeks now and vegan bloggers all seem to adore this book. Plus, anything that pays an undeniable homage to Bruce "Gimme Some Sugar Baby" Campbell a la the Necronomicon-themed Evil Dead films, even if it is a vague and possibly tongue in cheek homage, is cool with me.

Love Bruce Campbell.

Love him or I'll eat your soul.

Anyhow, after last night's yummie dinner, after the dishes were done and I got the boy tucked in bed, after the dog took a piss and the last load of laundry was properly put-off 'til tomorrow, after I shooed my snoring husband off the couch and into the bedroom for the night, I sat in front of a crackling fire as rain tapped on the windows, with my fuzzy sox on and munched a Fuji apple with peanut butter as I flipped through every page of Veganomicon.

It was a seriously decadent experience.

It was better than a hot bubble bath.

It was better than ... better than porn. Well, maybe not that good, but it was pretty close.

I am all atwitter at the vegan possibilities now available to me. This book has what seem to be some incredibly innovative and just plain delish recipes. I spent the first half-hour of my day trying to make my grocery list but couldn't seem to narrow down what I want to make this week.

This is going to be hard. Titillatingly, lip-smackingly, lick the spoon hard.

I'm ready for the challenge. My oven is hot. My knives are sharp. My canvans shopping bags are clean and empty. Bring it.


Anchored Away said...

Bruce Campbell's my boyfriend.

Veganomicon sounds teh hawt. I can't wait to see some of the recipes. You are, of course, going to come to dinner at Chez Snarky and offer up a vegan dessert, yes? ;)

Marni said...

The Bruce is *my* boyfriend! I'm older than you so I call dibs. But I can share. Bruce Campbell sammich?

I'm game for dinner at Chez Snarky any time. Apparently, the Veganomicon recipe called Smolve Pie is the mac-diggity-dog. It is purportedly what Paula Dean would make if she were a vegan. LOL