Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vegan Loco Moco

My husband and I took our first honeymoon in Hawaii.  You read that right, I said first honeymoon.  We've actually taken two because I was sick the whole time we were in Hawaii.  So, a few years later we set off to Amsterdam.  But I digress.

The food in Hawaii was amazing and our favorite dish was this motley concoction called Loco Moco.  Basically, it's a mountain of white rice, topped with a hamburger patty and a sunny-side-up egg, smothered in gravy.  It's seemingly incongruent nature yet shockingly delicious taste make it the epitome of stoner food.  I can just see some half-baked college student rummaging through the dorm kitchen ... "Dude we have rice ... eggs ... burgers ... and some gravy.  Let's put 'em all together, man!"  Trust me, it's so much more delicious than it sounds ... but most definitely not vegan.

So last night, I was yearning for a plate of Loco Moco.  Not because I want to masticate a dead, ground cow with chicken menses, mind you, but because of the emotional alignment I created with the dish on my honeymoon.  I have such fond Loco Moco memories.  I was feeling a little sad about never getting to eat it again when I realized ... I can totally veganize it!

This is my first crack at Vegan Loco Moco and it was absolutely delicious.  

So the components and the replacements I came up with are as follows:
  • rice - no problem
  • hamburger patty - Boca burger
  • fried egg - Scrambled Eggless Eggs from Sarah Kramer's How it All Vegan!
  • brown gravy - Mighty Miso Gravy from the same book
Admittedly, there were some burned bits in the tofu scramble.  I wasn't paying close enough attention and the edges got too much color, but it did not effect the taste.  We both loved this vegan version of Loco Moco but our absolute favorite component was the gravy.  Ever since we've tasted this gravy, my husband and I have been coming up with various vehicles for Mighty Miso Gravy consumption ... sammies, mashed spuds, casseroles ... um ... cereal?  Seriously, it's that good.

So, if you have How it All Vegan! (and if you don't, you should) definitely give the Mighty Miso Gravy a try and consider trying Vegan Loco Moco!

What dishes do you think you'll never be able to eat again?  Can you veganize them?

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